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a service for a busy client

Suitable for the busy client that demands a professional service.

Clients that require visualization of their own designs.

Clients that are extending the space and need a virtual tour of the new space prior to construction.

Clients that need the flat 2d drawings turned into 3d perspectives.


Architects drawings can be daunting

We simplify your drawings


benefits of the bronze service

The bronze service will enable you to visit the usual large diy stores or small independent retailers with professional drawings for ease of ordering. The drawings you receive will be used by the by the kitchen supplier / manufacturer of your choice. No need for further drawings to be produced. Essentially what you will have is a shopping list for your new kitchen. This is a great tool to have when shopping around. You will be able to enter any kitchen retailers premises and ask for specific cabinetry. Most retailers will treat you as a trade sale and offer trade discounts. This will more than pay for the service we provide.

The drawings you will receive will also be used by the fitters of your choice if you decide to go down the supply only route.


This is essentially an on-line kitchen design service; however you get a professional designer unlike many other on-line services. This service is no different in quality than the gold kitchen design service. You still receive professional designs in Pdf format just like the gold service. The only difference is that we do not visit you at your home. This obviously makes the charge much less.

You provide a sketch of the space, a wish list and we do the rest. We will communicate with you via email and phone. We will quickly produce a first draft plan and wait for your feedback. We will then listen to what you have to say and drawer a further plan. This usually is the last drawings we have to produce but sometime produce another drawing at no extra cost.

Now that you are happy with the plan we produce detailed elevations, perspective drawings and a comprehensive list of all the elements (shopping list) you need to purchase to complete you project.

When you have received the final drawings, plans, elevations, perspectives and detailed list of all the elements required you will be able to visit your local suppliers and obtain like for like quotations. Due to the fact you have the information you will receive like for like quotations. This will save you time and money.


 A picture says a thousand words



You will be left to digest and evolve the project further in your own time. We encourage you to make notes and amendments on the printouts. These amendments will be communicated to us by you. This can be over the phone, listed in a e-mail or if you have access to a scanner, scanned and e-mailed to us. We will discuss the amendments over the phone and produce you further designs. These will be emailed to you in Pdf format. This format is fantastic to view the drawings and makes for ease of printing.



Final stage design

The final stage design documents will be working drawings that any kitchen retailer, fitter, builder needs to supply and fit your kitchen. The design documents will include plan, elevations and perspective drawings. Alongside the drawings will be a comprehensive element list which is numbered and therefore has direct coloration to the plans and elevations. There will be no need to have any further drawings produced. You have full working drawings. We are also on hand to answer any queries a retailer or fitter may have. We will be in touch until your project is complete.  



Getting started

A quick e-mail of phone call is all that is required at this stage. We will discuss your requirements and advise you accordingly. We can usually get started within a week.



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