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Super efficient new build project

Inspired by the senses. Sarah and Richards vision for this home was one of back to basics architecture with a monochromatic canvas allowing for the small splashes of colour to give maximum impact on the space. 

The niche for the tall housings look superb alongside the oversized door openings. It was an extra cost to construct the niche and bring the adjacent wall forward, but money well spent. It was just too easy to stand a few tall units against the wall.

The materials used were blended to make perfect sense of the polished concrete floor. We used satin glass doors which have been sandblasted to give this look and texture with plain glacier white Corian worktops. 

Elegance as standard

This kitchen is a chefs dream. Nothing is more than a few steps away. Visit any restaurant kitchen and you will see the chefs all work in a linear fashion. Why? It just works…..

This island belongs in this room. The island really looks like it has been delivered into the room and nothing is going to move it. The Corian worktops fabricated to just 26mm thick extenuates the length and depth of the island. 





Detached Farm House



This 300 year old farm houses garage & tool room was in for a treat. After many years of refurbishing the rest of this farm house it was time for a new project. Knocking through to the garage and then further in to the tool room from the existing living room excited Caroline and Richard.

We were approached by Caroline and Richard prior to the construction stage of the project. We visualised the whole space including different floor levels at different point within the space. This highlighted some oversights and were rectified immediately. 

Caroline and Richard had a strong ideas of how the space must perform, but a little unsure as to aesthetics. They were astounded when presented with a ultra-contemporary look and feel. After a few minutes of asking what i was thinking they slowly relaxed and fell in love with the design. The original design had a white island but that was soon changed to the stunning black glass. Everything else remained the same.

Together as client and designer we created the perfect kitchen

We worked close with the contractors throughout the project. This helps when supplying extraction with external fans over 4 meters away. We specified the ceiling height to look just right with the tall housings, supplied drawings for underfloor heating and electrical layout.

Together as client and designer we created the perfect kitchen. Caroline's brief of "I want it to be practical but still look amazing" was definitely realised.

With such a big space we knew symmetry was key to making the five meter run of cabinets look in perspective. A mix of tall housings each end with 50mm vertical panels either side would balance out the run of units. As we had five meters on the back wall we gave the centre island the dimensions it deserved. Three and half meters by one and half meters of 60mm thick Antarctica White Corian worktop, sat on top of handless black glass cabinetry. Stood at the end is a beautifully finished three door fridge, freezer and three zoned wine cooler.



Challenging listed building project



The finished article is truly stunning

A project where Grade 2 listed meets modern. This beautiful Grade 2 listed building has been lovingly restored to its original beauty. However the biggest issue was its size. Not enough room for the modern family. Conveniently a plot came available adjacent to this building. A stand alone dwelling was built containing garages, bedrooms and more beautiful living space. These two buildings were then married by means of a glass atrium. The finished article is truly stunning.

The kitchen itself was challenging. Without windows it could of easily felt uncomfortably confined, making you feel claustrophobic. As designers we had to make sure you felt like you didn’t feel the need to escape from the space. 

Building in the tall housing, creating a lighting niche above and using white glass worked.

Wall hung cabinetry with slim wall units on the opposite side developed a feeling of openness.

We located the sink to the far end of the island so you would always be working to the open end of the space. Therefore looking out of the kitchen at all times.

We all felt like this design was perfect.


1930's Semi-Detached project




A very complicated build necessitated the use of our Gold Service. We were commissioned some twelve months before the kitchen was fitted. With our software we built the model of the conversion prior to the commencement of the build. Our 3d models flagged up various oversights by the architects.

The major oversight was the positing of the steel post holding up the steel beams. The kitchen space would of been a disaster. Our drawings were submitted to the structural engineers to re design and recalculate the steel work. 


Looking retrospectively at this project is almost impossible to describe how we overcame the challenges. We don’t have any work in progress photos. If you look at the oven housing you will not believe that these ovens sit under a staircase running up from right to left. There is only a clearance of 60mm between the underside of the staircase and the right hand side oven.

We decided that the polished grey paint finish from Rational Kitchens alongside the white Corian worktops would enhance the mood of this remarkable 1930’s semi-detached project. The windows and folding doors are powder coated with a grey finish look great alongside the oak flooring, oak table and the grey sofa. This was a project where all the elements were discussed as a whole.



1970's Semi-Detached Project

Inside outside feel 

We took a small 1970’s semi-detached kitchen and turned it into a fantastic living space with the inside outside feel!!

We were approached with a blank canvas for this project. We were commissioned to build a model of the ground floor as existing then present to our clients three different concepts.

The final stage design involved removal of two walls, blocking up a door way and removing a large section of the rear elevation where a back door and window once stood.

This had knock on effects with regards heating of the space. We had no walls to site radiators. Simple solution..! We installed under floor heating to the whole of the ground floor of this house.

We managed the entire project.



Larged Terraced house

A moment of clarity

 The main focus for this project was light and space. We instantly knew that glass was the answer. Elegant, timeless and functional, the glass cabinets have a clarity and reflection quality  unsurpassable. 

The discrete design and understated lines of this kitchen allow it to adapt to the rest of the interior scheme.  It compliments and contrasts at the same time .  The rugged exposed brick walls and parquetflooring have even greater impact against the flawless glass.

The submissive qualities of the cabinetry and indulgently thick Corian worktops allowed us to make this space take on a very cottage feel with a contemporary undertone. 


We love working with glass and its flawless reflection quality. It works with endless interior schemes and is so versatile. This kitchen would look completely different and about 100 years apart if you were to remove the butchers block and aga.

 The white washed walls, white glass cabinets and white Corian worktops make the room sing with luminance taking on an almost evangelistic feel.


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